Joe Shuen, Brian Dabul’s Mutual Trust Sets Giants on the Right Path

Joe Schoen took the field in a white long-sleeved jersey with a small Giants logo and delivered passes during junior rookie training on Friday. A day later, he reported feeling pain in the shoulder and core muscle areas and then shook his head when he was reminded that at 42, he was two years younger … Read more

7 extreme weather conditions that will affect NFL matches this season

Football season is approachingThis means that millions of fans will face the inclement weather to watch their favorite NFL team try to claim victory. Through the sweltering heat, the bitter cold, and everything in between, The league is famous for playing in some extreme weather conditions. If Mother Nature sticks to the rules of the … Read more

The Saints have a chance to do something the NFL team has never done

New Orleans Saints have a chance to run a birding challenge with games against hawks, eagles, cardinals, seahawks, and crows.picture: Getty Images The New Orleans Saints are looking to do some damage next season. Will they outsmart the Buccaneers for the best pooch in the NFC South? Mostly not. Will they compete? probably. They would … Read more

Former NFL player Danny Woodhead is one of the finalists to qualify for the US Open

Danny Woodhead moved on to a golf career after just four years in the NFL.picture: AP I find it surprising and insane for an athlete to play two sports, let alone pick one, and in a relatively short amount of time, get better at it than a lot of people do for a living. Return … Read more

Fans sue the NFL, the Giants, the Jets over the New York name in the Meadowlands

It’s quite peace be upon you, Mary! A pair of New York football fans have called out a loud voice in a $6 billion class action lawsuit against the Jets, Giants and the National Football League. They modified their suit which initially required both teams to pack their own pads and leave the Garden State … Read more

Jake and Stacy: Who’s behind door number 3 on the quarterback for the Seahawks?

In all likelihood, the Seahawks will enter the season with either Drew Lock or Geno Smith under center. The Seahawks are higher on Lock than national critics and appreciate Smith’s knowledge of the crime. Other names can make some camp noise, Jacob Eason is one of them, but right now, there’s a battle between two … Read more