First call: The Steelers have been flagged as a “potential” landing spot for a previous Pro Bowl comeback; Sticks to Bruins

Wednesday’s “first call” sparks the conversation about the possibility of a former Pro Bowl player contacting the Steelers.

Some local players got their score sheet in a National Hockey League game.

There are some questions about the extent of Tom Brady’s deal with Fox.

Bucks for Bradbury?

On Tuesday, I reported New York Giants Cornbeck James Bradbury releasedand how I thought it was worth a phone call from the Steelers, given the depth-of-corner chart lacks star power.

Bradbury is 6 feet 1 212 pounds tall. His performance waned a bit last year, but that’s compared to the Pro Bowl campaign in 2020.

The Dan Duggan from Athletic It appears to be on the same wavelength. It lists the Steelers as a “potential landing spot” for Bradbury.

Although commercial interest in Bradberry has been lukewarm, expect a stronger market to materialize now that teams are free to negotiate a deal from scratch without having to give up any draft picks. “Eagles, Chiefs, Raiders, Bengals, Steelers are among the potential landing sites,” Duggan said.

Bradbury was scheduled to enter the final season of a three-year, $45 million deal in 2022. By cutting, the Giants would save at least $10 million in cover space this year.

About to make landfall

The playoff series in the first round of the Eastern Conference looked like a walk. Then it became difficult. But Carolina Hurricane, the Metropolitan Division champ, is now on the cusp of eliminating the Boston Bruins.

That’s because they won Game 5 on the ice at home 5-1 on Tuesday night. Goalie Antti Raanta stopped 33 from Bruins’ 34 shots, and Seth Jarvis scored two goals.

Vincent Trochek of Upper St Clair had an empty shot and two passes. Carolina leads 3-2 in that best of seven group. The winner of that series plays the winner of the Penguins Rangers match in the second round.

Game six on Thursday in Boston. The Hurricanes won the first two, then lost a pair to the Bruins on the road before winning on Tuesday.

wild singing blues

The St. Louis Blues also took a win away from moving into the second round. That’s because he beat Marc-Andre Fleury and the Minnesota Wild 5-2 on Tuesday.

Fleury managed only 27 saves in 31 attempts. Three of the shots that found the net were from Vladimir Tarasenko, all in the third inning. That was good for a triple trick. Another goal was from Brandon Saad from Gibsonia.

This means the Blues could advance to the second round on Thursday as well.

did bucks?

The news circle on Tuesday put the spotlight on Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who has $375 million, 10-year broadcast deal with Fox.

This is clearly what Brady will do in retirement once he joins the network.

But Fox now disputes the length and duration of the deal, which the New York Post originally reported.

via Andrew Marchand Post“What was reported is not an accurate description of the transaction and we have not released details other than what was disclosed on the quarterly earnings call,” said Fox spokesperson Brian Nick.

However, Nick refused to reveal what was inaccurate. Marchand’s sources then reiterated that Brady’s spending from Fox is 10 years and $375 million.

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